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A $50 bn Market Opportunity
By 2030¹

Quantum machines will drive new paradigm shifts in business and computing by solving highly complex computing tasks that are currently out of reach. With applications ranging from enabling better and faster drug discovery to evaluating solutions to address climate change, the economic impact of the quantum industry will be on the same scale as the semiconductor industry. While future market estimates vary, BCG & McKinsey project that the global market value of quantum computing will reach a trillion euros by 2040.

We don’t have to wait that long. In the near-term, quantum computers can provide a quantum speedup. These faster-than-ever calculations will result in massive savings and new efficiencies. That’s why at C12 we are developing our quantum computer to integrate with supercomputers and function as an acceleration card, establishing quantum’s first industrial use case: hybrid quantum-classical algorithms. We are also making this breakthrough technology widely available. Different customers can choose from two distribution models: QaaS for general uses, and custom hardware sales for forward-thinking companies looking for application-specific chips.

1. BCG & McKinsey estimates
Use cases


Using ATOS and Artelys programming, our future quantum computers will help drive faster convergence in dense graph-based optimization problems.


Quantum chemistry

Our future quantum processors will simulate and optimize chemical reactions with greater accuracy. We are currently working on a hydrogen-related project with Air Liquide.

Oil & Gas

Machine Learning

Our technology can improve the computational speed and data storage of traditional machine learning algorithms and perform classification and clustering tasks.


Drug design

Quantum computers are a powerful tool that can be used to model complex biological systems and gauge a potential drug’s impact, yielding greater speed in drug discovery and development.

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