Pierre Desjardins
Co-founder & CEO
Dr. Matthieu Desjardins
Co-founder & CTO
Juliette Ginies
Chief of Staff
Dr. Joseph Sulpizio
Principal Engineer
Louis Virey
Nanotubes Growth lead
Dr. Gulibusitan Abulizi
Nanofabrication lead
Dr. Davide Stefani
Nano-assembly Lead
Dr. Arthur Larrouy
Quantum microwave lead
Dr. Quentin Schaeverbeke
Theory & application lead
Dr. Romaric Le Goff
Characterization engineer
Dr. Alice Castan
Characterization Lead
Benoît Neukelmance
Sandrine Lopes
Nicolas Hauseux
Quantum computing software stack lead developer
Louis Godet
Junior Project Engineer
Khaoula Farah Ourak
Nano-assembly engineer
Matthieu Lebard
Finance and Admin Manager
Daniel Katz
Lead Business Development
Dr. Aziz Rifi
Quantum Hardware RF Engineer
Dr. Lorenzo Vistoli
Quantum Measurement Engineer
Benjamin Hue
Andrea Mammola
Research Engineer
Dr Viktor Radovic
Software Developer
Josep Boncompte
JavaScript Developer
Elisa Passalacqua
Nanofabrication Engineer
Lauretta Fondop
Research Engineer in CNT Growth
Belkis Attyaoui
Characterization Engineer
Michael Hynes
Quantum Measurement Engineer
Amine Selmani
Intern Electronic Design
Scientific advisors
Dr. Takis Kontos
ENS Research Director
Dr. Jérémie Viennot
CNRS Researcher
Dr. Matthieu Delbecq
ENS Assistant Profesor
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