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R&D Intern

6-month internship
September 2022

C12 develops reliable & application-specific quantum computers, to solve highly complex computing tasks, currently out of reach of even most powerful supercomputers.

Building a quantum computer still needs innovators ready to tackle exciting challenges. C12 founders are convinced that only a new material for the qubit will bring a technological breakthrough.

C12 uniquely uses carbon nanotubes as the fundamental building blocks of its quantum processor. This high-purity material minimizes errors, radically improves performance and reduces hardware overhead for fault-tolerant computing. Combined with well-established semiconductor techniques, carbon nanotubes will help scale quantum computing, just as silicon revolutionized classical computing.

Founded in 2020, C12 is a fast-growing start-up, having raised a seed round of USD 10 million in June 2021 and building its own lab space in the center of Paris.

C12’s unique technology

At C12, a qubit, the fundamental functional unit of a quantum computer, is built from an ultra-pure carbon nanotube suspended above a silicon chip containing control electrodes and a quantum communication bus. Spin qubits coupled to a microwave cavity brings interesting perspectives for their individual control and manipulation as well as for the circuit architecture. A suspended isotopically pure 12C nanotube holds great promises in terms of stability, as it reduces all sources of decoherence (charge noise, nuclear spin noise, phonon relaxation).

C12 encourages all who feel qualified to apply. Recruitment decisions are based solely on qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience.

Your role at C12 Quantum

We are looking for our next generation of interns. Depending on your skills and interest, you have the opportunity to join one of our teams.

Your job, as a part of each team, will involve helping operate the existing apparatus and set-ups, acquire statistics and prepare clean documentation and eventually, aid in the brainstorming/construction of new apparatus and/or set-ups to overcome limitations in the current processes. You will have the opportunity to work in an exceptional scientific and engineering environment and to learn many new skills.

Expected skills are highlighted with a hashtag. One of them is sufficient to apply.

Please specify in your application which team you’ll like to join

Carbon nanotubes growth: to create our quantum processors, we grow isotopically purecarbon nanotubes via chemical vapor deposition. #engineering #material science #chemistry

Characterization: we non-invasively select candidate nanotubes with the desired semi-conducting gap and that are free from defects, from which we build our qubits. #quantum transport #optical spectroscopy #machine learning #data science

Nano-assembly: we use a unique and patented “stapling” technology to integrate ultra-pure carbon nanotubes on printed circuit microchips. #mechanical engineering #experimentalphysics #electronics

RF engineering: we perform and analyze microwave simulations, to improve the design of passive on-chip distributed RF circuits for qubit control. #microwave electronics #simulation#software development #quantum electronics circuits

Qubit measurements: in our cryostats, we characterize our spin qubits by applying microwave pulses. #quantum physics #qubit measurement #experimental physics

Theory & applications: we develop the theoretical models describing our qubits and test first quantum algorithms using an emulator. #theoretical quantum physics #softwaredevelopment

About you
  • By the time you arrive, you’ll have a previous significant experience (6 months minimum) in one of the field mentioned above
  • You have a Master of Science, Master of Engineering or equivalent
  • End-of-studies internship is seen as an advantage
You should join us if
  • You want to contribute to achieve landmark results in quantum computing, making a difference in the emerging quantum technologies
  • You want to work within an 19-people team with various backgrounds in nano-fabrication, quantum electronics and carbon nanotube science to materialize the vision of a revolutionary quantum computing processor
  • You want to thrive in a exceptional scientific environment with several industrial and academic partners
  • You relate to our values (excellence, scientific integrity, diversity, curiosity and care) and want to help us define our product-focus culture and ambition to accelerate
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